Experience the advantages of nearshore call centre outsourcing without any of the associated hassles.
Mounttown’s Nearshore Call Center outsourcing is a rising choice for businesses seeking the advantages of outsourced call center services without the potential challenges linked to offshore and farshore teams. We enhance your conversion results and ROI while providing the benefits of partnering with a US-based service.

We serve as a comprehensive partner for your success.

Whether you're looking for a full-service solution covering database evaluation, content creation, and call center services, or just need help with call center tasks like appointment setting, Mounttown has the right solution for you. As a local US-based company, you can trust us, avoiding the hassles of working with overseas providers.


of customers prefer to contact customer service by phone.


of majority individuals find the phone the most user-friendly customer service channel, making it the top choice.


of callers express dissatisfaction with the negative customer experience associated with artificial interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Choosing Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing brings numerous advantages.
The benefits of nearshore outsourcing encompass:

Closer Proximity

Visiting offshore call centers involves extensive travel, posing challenges for regular in-person visits. Our nearshore centers, being in closer proximity, offer more convenient travel options, providing increased transparency into operations and facilitating necessary adjustments. Additionally, being a Texas-based, US company eliminates the complexities of dealing with a business managed overseas.

Similar Culture

One challenge with offshore centers is the significant cultural differences between the US and countries such as India or China. Our Nearshore center, being in close proximity to the US, minimizes cultural disparities, and our trained agents comprehend the nuances of American speech and preferences.

Stronger Infrastructure

The dependability of offshore call centers raises valid concerns for businesses. Offshore call centers, particularly those in developing nations, may face issues with unreliable infrastructure. In contrast, our nearshore center boasts a more developed infrastructure, resulting in robust internet connections, significantly fewer dropped calls, and more reliable processes

Affordable Costs

While on-site call centers may be perceived as exceeding budgets for many businesses, nearshore call centers offer an alternative that can lead to a 30%-40% reduction in operational costs for your company. Our adeptly trained agents and cutting-edge call center technology can trim expenses related to equipment and facilities, enabling you to optimize your financial resources.

Shared Time Zones

Managing communication and scheduling shifts between US offices and an offshore team on the opposite side of the world can be challenging due to differences in time zones. Offshore employees may work on opposite schedules, such as when the US team is asleep. Our nearshore call center operates on Central Standard Time (CST), simplifying collaboration during regular business hours.

Easier Communication

Our extensively trained nearshore agents possess a stronger command of English, having often learned the language in grade school. This results in smoother and more engaging conversations with your customers, as well as enhanced communication in meetings and over email.

Seamless Integration

Operating on the latest Five9 Call Center software, our Nearshore Call Center ensures seamless integration with top providers, swift deployment, and features like locally originating numbers. This enables our Call Center agents to efficiently and intelligently assist your internal teams, fostering a smoother and more productive operation.

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